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Welcome to Complete Driving School

Complete Driving School is an accredited driving school based in Kingscliff. With over 15 years industry experience, we offer an unrivalled service and education towards those looking to learn how to drive a motor vehicle while providing a safe and calm environment for all our clients.

More than just a driving school, we take great pride in teaching the next generation of road users in how to operate a vehicle correctly, build experience in specific situations and other important aspects of driving critical to safety.

Whether you wish to learn to drive in your own vehicle or our 5 star ANCAP safety rated automatic car, Complete Driving School is the easy choice to become a highly skilled road user.

Graham at Complete Driving School is also an accredited Aged Driver Assessor

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  • Today I passed my driving test on my first attempt and I have Graham to thank. I had previous driving experience before but had never felt confident in my driving ability, that is, until I met the smiling and professional Graham.

    From the first time I sat in the car, Graham was friendly and patient, with a sense of humour that put me at ease and instruction that was clear and direct. One of the greatest aspects of Graham's lessons is that he doesnt simply focus on passing the test, but on his students becoming the safest overall drivers possible. I have said repeatedly that "I have never felt more confident in my driving ability than I do now" and its all because of Graham's instruction. With Graham, you feel less like you're in the car with an instructor and more like youre in the car with a friend that knows everything about driving safely. I will forever hear him telling me that its "more gooderer" every time I manage to successfully reverse parallel park.

    I cant recommend Graham enough. If you need to learn to drive - look no further than the friendly man with the "mo."

    Youve made this little P-plater very happy!


  • I have experienced three driving instructors, and Graham is by far the best. In fact, I wouldn't recommend anyone else! His decades worth of experince, his successful teaching methods, his repetition professionalism, knowledge of the roads and conditions, memory techniques, sense of humour, and firm but friendly guidance made me develop - not only the skills - but my own self-confidence in my ability to drive safely and make wise decisions on the road. I cannot overstate the quality of Grahams teaching. Thanks to Graham I feel confident and comfortable on the roads. My parents can rest assured that I will drive safely when I drive off everyday. Thanks mate! God bless.


  • Passed first time all thanks to Graham! Brilliant teacher and extremely patient, which helps a tonne when you are gaining confidence behind the wheel. Would recommend him to anybody learning to drive, as he has a number of ways to teach you, to suit you as a person. Graham develops great relationships with his students and helps you to remain calm whenever you might be a bit freaked out! Thank you again, you've taught me so much.


  • Got my P's first go!  Graham was the greatest thing to happen to me as a young driver. Graham made me incredibly aware and safe on the road. He teaches you so much, not just in and out of the car but you truly develop an amazing friendship with one of the most genuine people you will meet. His humour and ability to make you feel comfortable is something I will cherish in my heart from my experience with him. He says to you at the start of your lessons "listen, I am going to get into your head so that it all sticks", and it does. I still hear Graham's voice in my head when I drive and I laugh. Graham, thank you for teaching me the ropes, teaching me to be safe on the road and for being a friend. Five stars, amazing skills and great teacher. Thank you Graham, you're the best.


  • I could not ask for a better driving instructor. Graham's sense of humour, patience and care have made this transition period of learning how to become a safe driver an absolute joy. I cannot recommend anyone higher. As a late bloomer to get behind the wheel, Graham made me feel at ease. Any areas of confusion were explained to me in

    a direct, clear and practical way. If you're looking to learn in a respectful, safe and fun environment, Graham's your man. Thank you so much again!


  • First of all a big thank you... You just helped me pass my test, on my first attempt. This is a reflection of your professional but friendly and relaxed instruction. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. I do not think I would have my licence as quickly and as effectively as I did without your help. I doubted myself, but you never did and from the start to finish you supported me the entire way. Thank you once again for everything.


  • Graham is a great instructor. He knows how to explain and demonstrate things to you, so you can understand. Very knowledgable of the road rules and regulations. He has a great sense of humour so it's fun to learn. I would recommend Graham to everyone.


  • As someone who was quite weary and scared of driving, Graham has helped me find the confidence I lacked and needed, through his patience and easy going attitude. He allowed me to make my own mistakes, so I can fully understand what I'm doing, while guiding me in the right direction. Graham has always maintained a fun, patient, positive attitude. (Which played a massive role in building confidence for me). He has a great sense of humour and I have really enjoyed my time learning with him! I have and will continue to recommend him to all my friends and anyone getting their licence. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher.


  • I believe Graham has shown me the correct way to drive. He gets you out of the car to demonstrate how the car should be when turning and the reasons why. He is passionate about teaching and is excited for you when you get things right. He is a great person to be with when teaching you becasue you have fun. He believes in you, which gives you confidence. I got my licence on my first attempt. You can learn on an automatic then progress to a manual car if you want to.

    I highly recommend him to everyone.


  • Since my first lesson, Graham has proved to be a professional and intuitive driving instructor. His ability to assess araes for improvement and provide proactive instructions on how to improve on both skill and safety is a reflection of his years of experience. Furthermore, Graham is an energetic and friendly gentleman who quickly builds a rapport with his students and works to develop confidence in even the most timid of learners.


  • Great teacher. Wonderful to be taught by him - gives very clear instructions. Would recommend him to anyone who is a first time driver. He makes you feel comfortable and safe behind the wheel.


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